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reporters on the condition that hire identity be hidden. >> i attack happened in fair oaks mall. this woman who was then visibly pregnant was exiting the maul near champ's restaurant. reflected in the chrome door, she in the add man walking behind her. then as she opened the door, she felt a very sharp pinch to her bottom. >> i heard a yell like, you cut my leg, you cut my leg. and then he hurried out of the mall videos show the suspect holding a yellow leg. the cut was consistent with one that may have been caused by a raise juror blade. >> there was blood all over my hand. it was ridiculous. i started freaking south. two more flashing attacks owe curt. another happened at the
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marshall store at the green briar shopping center and another attack occurred at the huge mall at tysons corner. again, the first attack occurred in february. >> at the time, the list department did not alettered the media about the attack on you. >> uh-huh. >> should they have? >> definitely. >> they definitely should have. >> a spokeswoman for the fairfax county police department concedes that the agency was slow to recognize the pattern in the five separate attacks. >> it may have not risen to the top simply because in many of cases, they were, with all due respect, more nine nor injuries. and that could have been part of the reason. we have a complete suspect description and pretty good surveillance video on or website, so far, no solid tip has come n police need your help.
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we asked if any other woman was pregnant. they said no. but they were yul young. police in fair max county are spending more time in shopping centers. >> thank you, john. we have a developing story in texas now. police arrested an awol muslim soldier accused of plotting a terror attack on or near fort hood. they arrested nazr abdo yesterday. abdo was grants add conscientious objectsor status this year after he says that his muslim beliefs kept him fromfighting. he bought some ammunitions. the clerk became alarmed when
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he starting a sces, indicating he didn't know much about the stuff he was buying. >> it's a good question. we probably would be here today giving you a different break had he not been stopped. >> abdo will face federal charges of possessing bomb- making components. police believe that he was acting alone. fort hood is hill recuperating from that -- still recuperating from that shooting spree. major hasan went through the building shooting, shouting god is great in arabic. he could face the death penalty. his trial is scheduled for march. firefighters responding to a call discovered ad about body inside the apartment. wisdom is live with the latest investigation. >> this is about:10 25 this morning when a neighbor called because there was a smell of a
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natural gas leak here. once the fire department got here, went with management inside. once they went inside, they saw the body of an adult female on the first floor balcony. now, she was dead from trauma to the body. eventually shall she was taken by the medical examiner away to determine the exact cause of death. now, what we did see was investigators taking away a dumpster from this area. they say they were looking inside that dumpster looking for possible evidence connected to this crime. they don't know how long that victim had been dead on that balcony. they did say she did not live at this apartment alone. the other people who live at this apartment were not home at the time that the body was found. there are three names on the lease at this apartment. police also say there is no evidence that they have been able to find of a forced en tri and they don't have any suspect or a suspect lookout at this point. >> that is the very latest
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information that we have from here. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more details as they become available. >> just the beginning of this investigation. wisdom martin, thank you. >> the debt ceiling deadline is just five days away and there is little sign of compromise. senate democrats say they will move quickly to defeat the bill sending both sides to the drawing board. tom, this should be a big day for speaker boehner. >> the debate on speaker boehner's bill started at about 4:00 this afternoon. what we are being told right now is that thinks going to continue for the better part of the next hour. we are expecting the vote to start some time after 6:00 p.m. the speaker had a closed door meeting with his gop people. it appears more conservative
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republicans are joining the speaker's side this evening but he could not tell us categorically today if he actually has the votes he needs to pass. boehner's plan cuds spenting without cutting taxes but only raises the debt ceiling for about six months. even though the speaker's bill might pass the house, democratic senate leaders say it will meet a dead end. the majority of the senators signed a letter promising to vote against the speaker's bill this evening if they receive it. today, both sides continue to insist that their side was right. the bill was not perfect. i never said it was perfect. nobody in my caucus believes it is perfect but what this bill reflects is a sincere, honest effort to end this crisis. how we go forward in a way that honors original purpose to reduce the deficit. but not in a way that comes together to destroy the middle
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class what's at stake, the treasury department says that the country's debt ceiling needs to be raised by august 2nd. if not, the united states could default on all its debt and not be able to pay its bills. we are being told that majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell are in communication on their own. >> all of us will be watching this one. thank you. >> today is the day redskins fans have been waiting for. the start of training camp. this season's camp started with the skins saying good-bye to albert haynesworth. lindsay murphy joins us now with the latest developments. >> you won't see as many people popping tylenol because the headache is actually gone. he will go and joined the new
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england patriots and possibly become a problem for bill bill check. they will get a lot less drama here at training camp and that's the biggest bonus of all. the bottom line, albert haynesworth no longer here after signing the record deal in 2009, it has been nothing but dra ma'am he played in only 20 games for the redskins, recording just 6 1/2 sacs and everybody remembers the failed conditioning test at last year's training camp. and just when you thought it could not get worse, he was also suspended the final games of the season. he pocketed over $35 million. yes, that's brutal. on to the other team distraction, donovan mcnabb, looks like that saga is over as well. he is headed to the minnesota vikings in exchange for two draft picks. it seems a foregone conclusion that mcnabb's time in d.c. was gone because he was due a $10 million roster bonus if he was on the opening day roster in
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september. mcnabb threw a career high 15 interceptions in 13 games last year in a season where he was benched twice. the first one coming on halloween. we talked to a pair of guys in the locker room. we'll fill you in on those guys. any big names with whom the redskins are consideringparting ways? >> they have released seven players. the two biggest names. it's going to be tough. two guys were really great in the locker room and go-to guys. it will be tough to fill those shoes. i also want to let you know if you wanted to have an albert haynesworth jersey, 9.95. go get it. >> that's what i always wanted.
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>> that's a deal? >> you can leave that one at home. >> thanks very much, lindsay. no debating it. this town can't stop talking about the redskins. the facebook page is lighting up with your comment. take a look at some them. alicia haynes says, looking at the q b that we have now, we should have kept mcnabb. this one is going to be another interesting one for the books. >> phil hargus said that the problem with signing those big names in the first place. >> sue sastre farris with all the trouble haynesworth has put the redskins through, he needed to go. i think a lot of people agreed with you. and lava amus used the facebook page to stir up the rivalry. no comment. go cowboys. go to or facebook page and post your comments we are staying on top of a developing story out of norway tonight. the search for if for victims
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is officially called off. what's next for the country? >> and ahead, the woman accusing dominique strauss kahn speaks out. ahead, more on the case that captivated the country the different between today and tomorrow, it's going to feel even hotter and more muggy, too, for a while. we'll talk about that. >> thanks. >> keep it right here, fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. 
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new jersey governor chris christie is in the hospital being treated for a severe asthma attack. his staff says he is in charge and he is at work right now in his hospital room. christie's state police security detail drove him straight to the hospital out of what they call an abundance of caution. he is expected to go home tonight. members of congress are not the only ones weighing in on the debt debate. realmal governments are concerned -- regional governments are concerned if there is no deal set. >> in a meeting of the greater washington board of trade today, some pretty serious words came up, words like cash
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crunch, control board, rationing. local businesses are warned to prepare, just in case. like it or not, d.c. and it suburbs are still government towns. though they are working to wean itself out of government lines, they are bracing. >> in greater washington, this has the potential to be the big one. >> meeting with the greater washington barot of trade, business leaders from d.c., maryland and virginia are trying to make contingency plans. it's not just local governments that are in an uncertain spot, all businesses like restaurants, retailers and car dealerships are concerned. >> what effect will that have on our consumer interest rate, credit card rates? we don't know. there is so much uncertainty. >> no deal could knock the district of columbia to it knees financially. >> we have to be sitting in the lap of the federal government here. so everything they do on the hill affects us. >> city's chief financial officer matt wargandi warns a
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possible rationing of services and a return of the control board. >> if, you know, we are deprived of the cash because we will not be able to pay the cash payments to, say, metro or payroll, et cetera, i rope that's very remote, but that is one thing that we have to keep in mind here. >> and either deal has deep spending cuts that will leave big holes. >> when you look at the numbers that are being proposed for cuts, it's in the trillions. >> arlington chief financial officer says it's learned to weather economic storms. >> the country has done a very good job of weathering 9/11, anthrax, i'm confident we will be able to do that again going forward. >> as long as its region and the businesses learn to drive without counting on the federal government in the future. >> the city did look into tapping its emergency fund if it needs it but learned it
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cannot do that by law. the city has planned to borrow $9 million to fund day-to-day operations until the next revenues come in. arlington county has it has any cash reserves to get by any short-term problems >> that's scary. what are they going to do? >> they are assessing what they can do, not just with contracts but work force, retail work. they are trying to understand strategy for making sure if they have a contract that's already in progress, whether they will get paid and how to make sure they to get paid for that they are checking to see if they might need a security line of credit for now, just in case. it sounds very scary and these are all when if. everyone still believes that these things are not going to happen but you do have to plan ahead. you have to have a plan b, thanks. >> tonight, the search for victims is on in norway's utoeya island. excuse me, the search there is over following a shooting
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rampage at a youth camp. more names of the victims are being released today. amy kelly has the latest from london. >> the search is over and that means that there is no one more -- no more people to search >> reporter: as the devastating search comes to an end, police start to release the names and photos of more victims. this as norwegians living in the surrounding areas come to terms with the surrounding areas that shocked the normally peaceful community. >> this will also bring something good, i think. so sometimes, i will be a place for youngsters again. >> i think it's terrible that this community is known for that because there are lots of
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things in the community. it there are other things i -- it should be known for instead of this. it's a shame that it's going to be known for this. >> secretary of state hillary clinton visiting the norwegian embassy to pay her respect. >> the terror left by anders breivik left 70 dead. he appears to have been working alone. he has confessed to the attack. >> when breivik appeared in court, he defended himself telling the judge that he was defending the country from, quote, an islamic takeover and he was in, quote, a state of war. a top military commander says that just because al-qaeda appears to be on the verge of collapse does not mean that it is no longer a threat.
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navy s.e.a.l. admiral eric olson says that the death of osama bin laden was a massive blow to the terror group but al-qaeda is more likely to morph into a more western organization, ute lying dual citizens. a judge will open inquiry. he has authority to demand access to the case, information that he and the pam will then use to determine whether britain needs tougher media regulation. a criminal investigation into any wrongdoing is still ongoing. news corporation is still the parent company of news international and fox 5. >> hurricane season is picking up steam. >> tropical storm dawn is barreling towards the coast. gary is taking a sneak peek at our own weather here. what you can expect tonight when fox 5 news at 5:00 rolls
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tropical storm don moving closer to the united states right now. the storm is moving across the gulf of mexico with winds up to 345 miles per hour. don is forecast to hit the coast of texas late tomorrow or saturday. it is not expected to strengthen it a hurricane before making land fall. this, by the way, is the fourth named storm of the season. get right to gary now to the weather center for the very latest on don. what's going on with our weather, especially as we related to don. >> going to don, if you go over to the mcsystem, we have the new don stuff up. if not, we'll stay right here. there we go. don is maximum winds, 45 miles per hour, a little bit stronger
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than yesterday, movement fast. there is the current location. pretty much getting closer to the central section of the gulf of mexico. ex-penaltied to make land fall right along the texas coast line. and this is important. texas is in a drought. typically, these early season -- or tropical storms -- typically, they won't become a hurricane. again, where they need the rain and it is expected to be there. we'll sho you more dedays in the forecast. back home for us, on true view, radar spinning around. did you gate shower today? did you get one one of them? all the rain mainly is up to the north of us, even north of baltimore and the severe weather up into western sections of pennsylvania right now. yes, we could have one or more showers this evening, but most of that will be to the north. more than anything, i think we are getting clouds, debris
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clouds from those thunderstorms. it's warm, though. 93 here in town. fredericksburg, 95. heat index, close to 100. full forecast including where we think don is going and the full forecast. gary, see you later. weaver a consumer alert for parents -- we have a consumer alert for parents. virginia's sales tax holidays will take place august 5th through the 7th. that means you won't have to pay taxes on many school supplies or clothing. it applies to any smiles that cost less than $20 or clothes under $500. >> we have more details about the mount rainier police officer's past. why they say that this is not the first time he is accused of
5:27 pm
crossing the line. 
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tonight, we are learning more about a mt. rainier police officer charged with attempted murder. we have learned hes that also been accused of assault and excessive force while on the job. sherry lee is now in the newsroom with details >> court dock units show just last year the city settled two lawsuits against officer gene gilette. the victim portrayed the officer as quick to lose his temper. >> officer gilette responded to a disagreement at a gas station. a lawsuit filed said that officer gilette pistol whipped him three times unprovoked and then pointed the gun at his face. the lawsuit was settled out of
5:31 pm
court. the victim had to have a metal plate implanted in his face. officer gilette admitted no wrongdoing. five months later, he was accused of using excessive force on a woman on doris court. a woman tried to keep a tow truck from taking her car. court documents said that the woman had lost her parking permit and tried to explain to the officer. she refused to get off the tow truck. she said that a mt. rainier police officer, later identified as gilette deployed a taser and used it several times, causing several shocks and pain. that case, too, was settled out of the court with no admission for wrongdoing. meantime, gilette went on to earn commendations.
5:32 pm
and then came the arrest. he lured a man into a home to make a pornography movie. instead, he tried to force him into some sex acts. he shot him. he also is accused of bringing a man to his house for a party and also is accused of propositioning him for sex acts. >> in that lawsuit, the suit said that gilette was the victim and the other man was charged. both men who accuse gilette were also charged. prosecutors conveniently dropped the charge against the man at the gas station ant woman who was tazered was found not guilty by a jury. >> basically, they said this guy was a top cop, squeaky clean, now all these other stories are coming out. >> what mt. rainier police
5:33 pm
chief says that he is aware of all of these cases and as for the two lawsuits, he says is there was never any finding of excessive force. they were settled out of course, something that is often done by cities because it's easier and there is no admission of wrongdoing. the last incidents, the chief said, gilette was cleared of any wrongdoing by prince george's county police and that the investigation by police found that the man went with gilette to his home willingly. >> all right, thank you. the maid accusing the former head of the imf with trying to rape her made her first public appearance today. she thanked her defenders and defended her reputation. she said that dominique strauss kahn attacked her. >> the hotel maid who pressed sexual assault charges against one of the most powerful men in the world is getting some support from local religious and community leaders. she came here to the christian cultural center to thank them and to speak about what she has been going through. >> i'm going through a lot.
5:34 pm
my daughter we are going through a lot. we cry every day. we can't sleep. >> reporter: diallo, a muslim, took to the podium in one of the city's most influential christian churches. she spoke with a soft voice to a room pac the with media from around the world. >> what happened to me, i don't want that to happen to any other woman. of course, this is just too much for me. it's too much for me and my daughter. >> reporter: her attorney, ken thompson, a member of the church, said that she wanted everybody to see she was the single mother, hard working woman. not the money digging person.
5:35 pm
>> she is not a hooker, not a prostitute. she is a single parent struggling to raise a child in the bronx. >> thompson took aim at the assertion by strauss kahn's lawyer that any sex was consentual calling it, quote, a comedy routine. strauss kahn's attorney ben brachman had no comment. the maid's supporters expressed frustration with the manhattan's d.a. of the case saying they victimized ms. diallo all offer again. we asked, did race play a role? did gender play a role? did class play a role? whatever it is, it it wrong. >> reporter: as has been the stance all along, a spokesperson for the manhattan d.a. says he won't comment on a pending criminal investigation. coming up on fox 5 news at
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5:00, the u.k. pulling the plug on julia roberts' brand new ad. discover what set off the frenzy. 
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move over, new york and los angeles. those cities did not make forbes' list for the best cities for young professionals. d.c. ranked number 9. the website looked at job opportunities, average salaries and cost of living. the number 5, omaha. then salt lake city, madison, wisconsin; raleigh, north carolina. and des moines, iowa number 1. a tradition has mouths watering in mexico because of
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this sandwich. more than 78 ingredients were used to create. the sandwich nope as a torta in mexico was divided up in different sections by each local chef. the best city to face your fear of heights, toronto, canada. that's where you can watch on the edge, almost a quarter of a mile off the ground. no guardrails, no hand holds. ton throw's toronto c-ann will be trapped with orange suits and strapped and they can teeter and take in this sight. >> that's terrifying. >> i'm not afraid of heights but, no, keep it. brace yourselfmr.
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heat and humidity is there. see that over there? that's a flash mob. they are having fun but they are also hoping to burn calories. more coming up. s
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ever have trouble pulling your kids away from the video game or tv or computer? one city has a way. >> showing us his dance move with his friends. nima plans to be many more when he grows older. these kids will reach their goal in part by staying healthy. >> i don't like junk foot. >> you like to eat healthy healthy? >> yes, because i want to save my life. >> it starts young in rockville. they register in let's move
5:45 pm
city part of michele obama's campaign to reduce obesity. >> reporter: do you know who michele obama is? >> no. >> it's barack obama's wife. >> i came here to have fun and so far it's very fun. very. >> reporter: there are sports. yoga and an impressive mastery of the hula hoop which the kids have pronounced -- >> good but kind of tricky. >> reporter: in addition to exercising, the kids are learning what they can eat on a regular basis, things like carrots and celery versus what are sometimes food like soda, in this 20-ounce bottle of soda, 17 pacs of sugar. >> don't eat the one thing all the time, just like the soda that has a lot of sugar. it happens once in a while. >> it will enable you to do a lot of things. >> betsy thompson is the
5:46 pm
superintendent of recreation for rockville. she hopes that the let's move idea will move on with the ketdz. >> they donate add jump rope with every child. they're going to go home with a jump rope and healthy snacks donated. >> and that's worth getting ex- seated about. >> for more information on let's move campaign, you can visit and click on web links. all right, gary. lay it on us. how much is this humidity going to lay on us? it's not as humid as last week. >> the temperature tomorrow afternoon is going to be hotter than it is today. and the humidity is going to be less. >> it's going to feel worse sp. >> it's going to feel worse but the humidity is not going to be as bad as today. does that make sense? >> in the end, it's all the same, hot and humid.
5:47 pm
my point is as we progress through the day, the dew point is going to go down. last week, the humidity did not go down as it got hotter. that's the forecast in a nutshell. >> got it? >> 10-4. >> you know, we had that nice blue sky, has been fairly clear. a lot more moisture in the atmosphere today. and we have not been able to reach up into the up early levels of the atmosphere and bring down drier air so it's stayed humid all day. this is 11 straight days, today, 11 straight days of temperatures, 90 degrees or higher. believe it or not, for the month, we are already talking way more than 11 straight day. we had 22 straight days so far this month, 90 degrees or higher. and two of those days have been over 100. it's been very, very hot this
5:48 pm
month and it will go down as a record july, no doubt about that. the heat advisory has been bothed. up to 110 degrees. of course, the majority of the real high heat index value, 1110, maybe more than that will be down around fredericksburg. clouds this evening, we should stay primarily dry it's going to stay muggy. gaithersburg, again, another cool reading in the evening. down to 84. at least that's what the thermometer is reading 91 degrees for manassas. fredericksburg is 95. check out the heat index value. we are sitting at 98. 103 for fredericksburg. winchester is 101. you get the idea.
5:49 pm
hot and muggy. 105 degrees. st. louis is 100. you see that big bright pinkish color that's all arcing in our direction? tomorrow, it will be here. we are going to be sitting where st. louis is. complex of thunderstorms coming down from the north and northwest. it looks like you see the last few frames right here, the thunderstorms firing up in western pa, it looks like these should die down as they make it in our direction. if its hold together, we may have a few showers. this is tropical storm don looking kind of rag tag, not really getting a lot stronger today, even though it is a little pit stronger. the current analysis from the hurricane center up to 45 mile- per-hour winds. movement to the northwest. it's moving pretty quickly, too, at about 15 to 16 miles
5:50 pm
per hour. notice how it comes in over texas, right through the corpus christi area or southern section of the texas coast line. this will actually be good for texas if it does not come in as a hurricane, if it does not strengthen because texas needs a lot of rain and they're going to get some from this as don moves southern texas and maybe arcs back up and brings the rain to the drought-stricken area of texas as well. don may not be a bad thing is what i'm trying to say, as it comes into texas. hot at 8:00 a.m., 82. 95 by noon. by late in the afternoon, not going to be as bad as it could be because there is going to be a little dry air aloft that mixes it on down for us and helps us out a little bit in the afternoon but still going to be real, real muggy and the heat intexas is going to be 103 to 107. south of town, even higher than
5:51 pm
that. you should know how to stay cool after that. take a look at this wild scene outside of a movie premiere in china town in los angeles. when the fire department announced that the movie was ka capacity, some started throwing bottles. police fired back using bean bags. we are talking about hot topics here. we have sarah frazier. we have so much to get to. let's get right to it starting with pippa's cute little derrihre. a lot of people noticed it during the wetting and now people want the same thing. >> it is the hottest plastic surgery. >> that is ridiculous. >> used to be j-lo and now it's
5:52 pm
pippa. >> now tlc will do a documentary. >> it is nice, very, very nice. i'm sure a thumbs up from bob there in the newsroom. i'm sorry. i had to call you out. >> also, talking -- bringing it back locally, you talked to some waiters and waitresses in bethesda about a how to not make your waiter or waitress mad but how to get the best service possible, right? >> okay. on part of our chat tonight, we're going to discuss ways that you do not want to get your food messed with and how you should behave at restaurants because it is a growing issue? >> it is a growing issue? >> yes. customers are being unbelievably rude. they are not tipping. waiters and waitress, i sat down and talked to them about getting the best service. the phrase is, i'm going to be difficult but i'm going to take care of you in the end. that is the key phrase. >> they say i have a high maintenance order but i don't follow up with i won't take care of you at the end.
5:53 pm
i'll put that in my category. at least i realize i'm high maintenance, right? >> that's half the problem. >> i'll remember that. >> thank you, sarah frazier. let's talk about these ads banned in the u.k. involving julia roberts. lancome, did you see them? >> lancome's defense is this is, you are aspiring to have beautiful skin but she does not look anything like that in life. >> but, sarah, really, i mean, i don't know. sean and i were talking about this earlier. that's what they do to these ads. we see this all the time. but they are banning this. >> do you think they feel pressure to go and buy more. >> it's unrealistic. you never are going to achieve this skin even if you go and spend $500 and you can easily do what. >> the point behind the ban is saying that they are misleading, too. >> yes. >> and this is christie turlington who does not look like christie turlington.
5:54 pm
in real life, there is a ll more wrinkles. we had a great discussion on the show about should women wear makeup to work? and women were upset. i said women should. and they were upset. we're going to chat about that? >> why did you think they should? >>. >> just like a guy working in an office, would you go and not wear a suit? it makes you look more presentable. >> yeah, laura ace one of the woman -- >> i tell you what, i don't care makeup to work. i put makeup on for the show. you are not alone. >> women were not happy with me. >> i still love you, sarah frazier. thanks very much. >> we'll head over to brian bolter for a look at what's up next. brian, don't weigh in on this one. >> i know when to weigh in and when not to. >> good man we are waiting for a critical vote for john boehner putting his debt ceiling raising to the test. and i'll take super hero
5:55 pm
game show host for 1000, alex. find out what happened when the jeopardy host decided to go after a suspected burglar. and if you asked people what the saddest movie is, you'll probably get ten different answers but science is put that go to rest.
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in tonight's health a i earth, more americans are being diagnosed with gout. authors of a new study believe that the increase is due to rying rates of obesity and high pressure. gout is an inflammatory form of arthritis. the dr. oz show is coming to fox 5 in a few weeks. if you want to talk to dr. oz
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about your medical problems, now is the time. the dr. oz show will be here in d.c thanks for being here with fox channel 5. the news at 6:00 starts now. the debt ceiling debate takes another twist tonight. the house of representatives just delayed a key vote. all this as we inch close tore that critical august 2nd deadline. a showdown in the capitol tonight as house speaker john boehner puts his plan to a vote. democrats in the senate says that the bill in its current form already dead on arrival. tom is following developments on the hill. what's the developments? >> the question is is it now on life support in the house of representatives

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